Director of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs Duties

Clinical Research

  • Assumed the overall responsibility for the scientific conduct of clinical research.
  • Planned clinical research programs and supervised ongoing research projects conducted in collaboration with private and governmental research institutions. Duties included designing studies, articulating study objectives, developing study instruments, and ensuring that research is executed according to the appropriate scientific standards.
  • Developed and conducted complex statistical analyses medical research data to assess the clinical efficacy of new compounds.
  • Reviewed reports and interpreted results of experimental and clinical studies. Reviewed scientific literature and prepared and submitted research results for publication in scientific journals.
  • Developed, prepared and delivered structured presentations on behalf of the company to FDA, outside investigators, and national & international groups.
  • Prepared and submitted grants to external funding agencies, e.g., National Institutes of Health and Maryland Industrial Partnerships program. 

Product Development and Marketing

  • Constructed scientific rationales, after critically reviewing the scientific literature, for new products to be presented to the United States Office of Patents and Trademarks.
  • Evaluated marketing and promotional documents.